I write today to honour and respect those harmed by the violence and terror, giving my condolences to the families, friends and everybody else mourning this tragic day.

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I salute every person who stands tall with me in defense of our liberties: freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of movement in subways and through airports, freedom to choose our own destinies, free from terror.
Free to be Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, Taoist, Pagan, Animist, Anarchist, Freedom for all, to be any, thing at all ! ! !

Free from state terror, free from stateless terror, free from police terror, free from any form of terror that seeks to imprison our spirits. We shall not succumb to the paranoia. We shall not permit ourselves to be imprisoned by their fears and we shall not turn upon our neighbors in witch-hunts, nor in blind panic. We own our freedom and will not permit any agency to steal that which we have earned after centuries of struggle and protest against the b/orders that have tried to control our spirits.

In Brussels today, we need to honour and respect our freedom, today more than any other.

Only Love can save us, the love that hides within the R-EVOL-UTION, the love that is the only EVOLution, through the cycles of time, the seasons passing, the love that demands return in a revolution, the love that is the only law.

I send my love to Brussels today, strength and condolences to every person harmed, directly or indirectly in the city that I have made my home ! I send my love, together with the will of the entire city, now united in mourning and anger, a blanket to protect the weak, love to give strength to the strong to be even stronger, love to bind us all together, united against t/error.

Our humanity was robbed of us today, as it was in Istanbul last week, in Ankara the week before, before that in Paris, Beirut, Kano, the Bardo National Museum in Tunisia and so many many more. Know this, those who hide deep within the darkest pools of innocent blood shed, our spirit shall never die because without love, without freedom, without respect, we are nothing. We will never accept your chains forged on the anvils of fear and we we will never accept your t/error and paranoia as substitute for freedom.

Freedom Fighters Unite in the fight against T/ERROR ! !