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Robert McCabe, Mycenae 1954. To Katamesimero

Robert McCabe, Mycenae 1954. To Katamesimero

Athens Art Gallery

Sometimes you need someone else’s glance to see the beauty of your own life.

Robert McCabe’s photos of Greece’s past, its landscape and people, captured and indeed preserved the beauty and purity of a bygone era.

American acclaimed photographer Robert McCabe visited Greece many years ago and as he says “I came to Greece for vacation in the summer of 1954 and in reality I never left”.

Athens Art Gallery invites us to witness the uniqueness of his work through the exhibition Robert McCabe, Mycenae 1954. To Katamesimero, which will last from the 3rd of November until the 5th of December 2015.

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Bronze Age warrior’s tomb discovered in southwestern Greece

UC team discovers rare warrior tomb filled with bronze age wealth and weapons
An international team of archaeologists led by University of Cincinnati researchers recently discovered a Bronze Age warrior’s tomb in southwestern Greece filled with more than 1,400 objects: jewels, weapons and armor, as well as bronze, silver and gold vessels.

On the floor of the grave lay the skeleton of an adult male, stretched out on his back. Weapons lay to his left, and jewelry to his right.

Near the head and chest was a bronze sword, its ivory hilt covered in gold. A gold-hilted dagger lay beneath it. Still more weapons were found by the man’s legs and feet.

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