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Dismaland Calais

Dismaland to be taken down and sent to Calais to build shelters

Work to take down Dismaland begins on Monday and the elusive street artist said all the timber and fixtures from the ‘bemusement park’ would be sent to the Jungle camp. An estimated 5,000 people displaced from countries including Syria, Libya and Eritrea are believed to be camped in and around the French port.

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Jani Leinonen, The Art of Disobedience / Interview

Jani Leinonen, Art as Disobedience

He fights capitalism from within using its symbols, means and icons in a subversive humorous way that provokes audience’s critical viewing and draws attention to the real issues and problems of our consumerist societies.

For his Hanger King project a handmade wooden grill kiosk was set up in Kamppi shopping center, Helsinki city center. The menu gave the visitor two options: a top quality local and organic Take Away menu, or a Give Away menu, which saw food redistributed to those in need.

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