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Dalí / Duchamp, Royal Academy of Arts

Interview with the co-curator of the Dali/Duchap exhibition, Desiree de Chair

Dalí / Duchamp is the first exhibition to present the art of two of the twentieth century’s most famous artists in exclusive dialogue. Marcel Duchamp (1887–1968) and Salvador Dalí (1904– 1989) are usually seen as opposites in almost every respect, yet they shared attitudes to art and life that are manifested in their respective oeuvres on many levels. Taking their friendship as its starting point, the exhibition will demonstrate the aesthetic, philosophical and personal links between them. Over 80 paintings, sculptures, ‘readymades’, photographs, drawings, films and archival material bring to life the myriad of connections between the works of these two very different creative and intelligent minds. Dalí / Duchamp includes loans from public institutions and private collections across Europe and the US.

The exhibition is curated by independent art historian Professor Dawn Ades CBE, Dr William Jeffett, Chief Curator, Exhibitions at The Dalí Museum, St Petersburg, Florida and Sarah Lea, Curator, Royal Academy of Arts.

Co-curator Desiree de Chair talked to Ex_posure about this unorthodox “artistic meeting”.

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Kendell Geers, Following the Blind Man / Marcel Duchamp and the Voodoun Connection

Kendell Geers, Following the Blind Man

The following discussion with the internationally acclaimed South African artist Kendell Geers is the result of a series of emails exchanged between him and myself during May and June of 2015.

The starting point of this correspondence were two lectures that Kendell Geers had given a year earlier, the one in April 2014 at INSERT, New Delhi, titled “Marcel Duchamp, Silent Animist” and the other in June 2014 at Luminato Festival, Canada, titled “Following the Blind Man / Marcel Duchamp and the Voodoun Connection”.

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